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“I enjoyed the 2-Day Program and thought it was much more informative than a lot of the classes I have taken in the last few years. My plan is to start visiting new home sites this next week. I have already changed my signature and will change my website later today to reflect my New Home Certification.”

Gary Evans

“I enjoyed the class thoroughly and I am already applying the knowledge I learned to two new homes I have under contract now. I’m very glad I took this program!”

Dustin Pitts

“I found the classes extremely helpful and loved the varied backgrounds of the instructors and info. I also loved that it all counted for CE credit as well as receiving a Certification. Really great job and great classes!”

Ricki Senitz

“Thank you for a wonderful 2-day course.  I will highly recommend to any of my agent friends.  Not being able to sell my own home (my reason for getting my real estate license after retiring from teaching) shook my confidence so I gave the listing to someone else.  Now I feel rejuvenated and inspired to take the listing back at the end of his contract and do this myself … the right way.  I am also interested in building my next home, so the information was beyond valuable to me.  Thank you so much.”

Rhonda O’Brien

“Thank you for the great course. It was well put together; the instructors were great and the knowledge that came from it will be very valuable as I develop my new home sales business.”

Ferris Segovia

“I was very impressed with the two-day program.  This course was extremely valuable.  The instructors were fantastic and very knowledgeable about the new home industry.  I think taking this class will be helpful in building my business as it provides another level of competency to the potential client and allows me as the agent to feel more comfortable when presenting to a client especially about potential issues. I can’t even say what my favorite class/topic was I think each class were all equally important and informative. Thank you for the opportunity to attend.”

Elena Taylor

“I really liked the New Home Sales Agent Certification course. I felt a little like the builder always had the advantage in the conversation because I didn’t know enough about the process to take control. Now I feel like I can better represent my client and lead them in the right direction when it comes to buying new construction. “

Nicole Hale

“Thank you very much for the class, I learned a lot, I feel more confident now to go and sell new homes.”

Lorena Escobar

“Thank you for the very informative classes in the New Home Sales on February 11-12, 2020.  Your classes on Building Business and Negotiations provided me with much needed knowledge and inspiration.”

Norma Haynes

“Thank you for all the wonderful information the past 2 days. All the presenters were fabulous. I left with valuable information that I will use to assist me in my goals with new construction. I will highly recommend this course to the agents in our office.”

Liz Simon

“I was impressed with the New Build class! Never did I find myself bored or distracted with the content or individual presenters. All were effective conveying their message and I felt engaged the entire time.  Thanks again for the content and resources shared.  I will certainly spread the word about the program to all of my partners!”

Joe Earhart

“The class was extremely informative and full of valuable information for me to take my new home sales business to the next level. The instructors were very knowledgeable, engaging and brought great perspective from their areas of expertise. I would highly recommend this course to any agent wishing to increase their new home sales and become a more effective negotiator with builders.”

Cassie Cecil Thompson

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