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“I just completed the 2-day course and am so amazed at all of the new things I learned. This course was worth my time and money and I highly recommend it to all agents! All six courses were well presented, and I especially appreciated the time that all the presenters took to answer all questions. Thanks again so much and I look forward to participating in more new courses in the future with”

Judith Wilganowski, October 2020

“This certification is one of the most beneficial ones I have received. I particularly loved getting a behind the scenes look from the builder’s perspective and learning how to properly negotiate a new homes sales contract. Everyone should have this knowledge to better their clients and themselves!”

Ashley Darnell, October 2020

“Bob is a wonderful instructor! He encouraged question throughout the class, and the class went at a perfect speed for me. Not too fast, and not dragging. The PowerPoint slides made it all quite easy to understand. I have been searching for a class like this for years, and I’m so glad I made the commitment to this class. His guest speakers were also interesting and informative. I now have a brand-new confidence to encourage clients to consider new home construction, because I have so many new pearls of wisdom to share. Keep up the excellent work Bob!”

Louise Armstrong, October 2020

“The course was highly informative. I learned a lot! Will recommend to other agents.”

Valerie Harris, October 2020

“This was a fantastic class. I’m so glad I did it. Every instructor was incredible. It was very engaging and informative. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to work with home builders.”

Lynette Rouse, October 2020

“I really appreciate Bob and other instructors who shared their great experience with me. I have learned how to be a good negotiator for my clients who want new homes. I loved every class and couldn’t miss any words from the instructors. Do not hesitate to register this course.”

Angela Yi, October 2020

“This was a very educational two days. The class material was informative and the teachers interactive. I learned so much. Thank you.”

Rhonda Johnson – October 2020

“Instructors were amazing, classes were informative.”

Carla Staats, September 2020

“I really like the way the course states that buying a new home should be a win/win. We want to get a good deal for our client, but we don’t want to bankrupt the builder, they need to make some money also. Bob and everyone that presented were very well prepared. Thanks!”

Francisco Zuniga, September 2020

“Excellent investment helping me serve my clients even better!”

Glenda Ward, September 2020

Such great information, every course was valuable. Thank you for doing this!

Wendy Berecki, September 2020

“Thank you, the course was fantastic. A course I’ve been wanting to take for years.”

Jillian Hawkins, September 2020

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