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MainVue Homes


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MainVue Homes. Build on Something Solid.


Proven by its practices and dynamic by design. This trusted combination is just part of the reason MainVue Homes is a worldwide leader in premiere residential design and construction.


As part of the internationally respected Henley Properties Group, we are a proud partner of the Sumitomo Forestry Group, a venerable corporation with its own rich 320-year heritage. This global relationship now builds 13,000 homes a year in Australia, Japan and most recently the United States.


Using this international buying power, MainVue gives its customers access to the latest home designs at the best value. Now, MainVue is ready to expand this vision. We’re still growing our Seattle success – but now we’re adding a Lone Star-state twist by introducing a Texas-worthy collection of communities to the dynamic greater Dallas area.


Our new, enhanced commitment: to build bold, distinctive and modern new homes designed personally for homebuyers in both important regions.


Each collection is meant to complement the proud – and specific – needs and tastes of refined and re-defined homebuyers in each of our geographical regions. In Texas, this means that vibrant walk-through models of our new Texas collection will be found at multiple locations in the greater Dallas area.


From our reliability and history, to our style and fresh approach, at MainVue Homes the difference is everywhere.


“We have been living in our MainVue home for about a year now and we love it. The house boasts luxury interiors and amazing large windows that fill the house will light all day long. The MainVue customer service has been great in addressing our needs and even doing touch-ups every now and then when needed.”
– Jason


“We love our home! We connected with the design of these homes at first sight. When MainVue first came to Washington, there were no builders doing anything like them—and now you see everyone trying to copy their style. We love when friends come over and say they’ve not seen anything like it in a planned community. We’ve added a few bells and whistles, but overall the thoughtful layout and style has been very livable. We are very happy.”
– Tamara


“Buying a home for the first time is fun, exciting, and a little bit scary and sometimes frustrating. MainVue managed to make this process as smooth and non-frustrating as possible…they are customer service oriented, prompt, and extremely polite and efficient “
– Dharmendra & Sangeetha