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Building a home is hard, there are hundreds of decisions and choices that buyers need to make throughout the process, what tile to pick, paint colors. It’s stressful. At newhomeinsurance.com we believe that home insurance should be the easy part. We can get you covered faster, and for less money than ever before.

The old way:

Call an agent
Give tons of information
Wait for the agent to complete the quote and get back to you
Phone tag
Documents sent back and forth

This could take hours, if not days.

The new way:
newhomeinsurance.comFrom quote to purchased policy with delivered documents in less than 1 minute. Just enter your zip code, and sales price and we’ll get you a rate in seconds. You can customize coverage to fit your needs, and set the policy up in seconds, all for less money than our competitors in most cases. The best news is, the policy is great and offers rock solid coverage for your new home.
No Hassle.
Great Coverage.
Best Rate.

Who is Homeowners of America Insurance Company and why did we partner with them?
Homeowners of America (HOAIC) is one of the fastest growing Home Insurance companies in the nation. In the last 10 years, they’ve written over $150 Million in premium in Home Insurance and their claims service is excellent. They have a niche for having the lowest home Insurance price with best coverage for brand new homes. Homeowners of America has been given an “A” exceptional rating by Demotech, Inc. For more information about Demotech and their rating process, visit them at http://www.demotech.com. Homeowners of America also carriers an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
To obtain more You can visit Homeowners of America at http://www.hoaic.com