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Thanks for running the new home class. All the instructors did a great job. I loved the class and got a lot super information.

Bill Sabino
October 2018

One of the best classes I have ever attended. Thank you!

Aubrey Roberts
September 2018

One of the best 2-day classes I have attended. Great information and presentations!

Kathy Smith
June 2018

Thank you, Bob, for the excellent class yesterday and for your care and advise! I am making it a mission to build my new home sales practice and I truly appreciate what you have taught us. I will be putting it to practice and keep you posted on my successes. Thank you! I look forward to taking more classes with you!

Elena Chobanova
April 2018

I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed your last 2 classes.  Thank you for the wealth of information.  I look forward to the other 4.

Jeanette Armstrong
May 2018

Thank you SO much for the SUPER class this morning.  My hand is sore from taking so many notes!  I haven’t learned that much from one class in a long time.

Lesa Deprater
April 2018

Thanks so much! Your builder info is super helpful. I really enjoyed the classes and am looking forward to building my new build business. I’ve been meeting with builders and laying the foundation. I love it!

Chandra Turk
March 2018

I am very happy I was able to attend your classes and I learned a lot of great info that I am excited to be able to implement into my career. I have heard many bad experiences of dealing with new home sales and sales reps that it was a fear of mine to get into it. I no longer feel that way and have a new motivation to keep moving forward!

Meghan Butler
March 2018

Thanks for the great class on New Build Homes last week! It was incredibly informative and definitely helped me understand the process better.

Blake Johnson
March 2018

I recently took the New Home Sales Certification and found the instructors to be both helpful and knowledgeable. A good deal of valuable information was taught, and I would recommend the class to agents looking to expand their knowledge of how to work with builders, on behalf of their clients.

Edith Schreiber
February 2018

Out of all the CE courses I’ve taken, this course was the most informative I’ve ever experienced.  Bob organized a course which was intense, enjoyable, and highly professional in scope.  It is worth the time and effort to take.

Jimmy Thomas
February 2018

Your course was most beneficial and quite informative. You and the instructors each shared from their personal backgrounds and expertise. All of the instructors are considered experts in their special areas and it was very evident. The course prepared all the attendees with a core understanding of how to be successful in the world of New Builds and relationships with Builders. I am grateful to you and your team for sharing the information. I’m eager to begin using my new-found skills.

Joe Seremet
February 2018

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