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This two-day training was awesome! The speakers were very knowledgeable, and it was a great opportunity to take a deeper dive into new home construction and understand the importance of being a knowledgeable buyer’s agent. I highly recommend!

Tamara Berke Austin City Living Realtors

The 2-Day Real Estate Agent certification in New Home Sells classes were very informative. The information provided by each instructor was amazing and each instructor was knowledgeable about their subject. I recommend this certification to all agents. I truly appreciate the time and information that was provided. Thank You all very much.

Eddie Francis JB Goodwin Realtors

Thank you, and your team of instructors for the great 2-day Real Estate Agent certification program in New Home Sells, ABOR, Austin, TX May 21-22, 2019!

I have no previous experience in New Home Sells and feel very confident now, after attending and being certified in new home sells, that this is an avenue well worth pursuing for me. 

This is All due to the great 2-day classes that you and your team of instructors, who provided great detailed information about New Home Builders, Green Building, Blue Prints, construction and the processes to create a community; plus the bonus of additional ways to negotiate a great deal for our Buyer clients.

If other advanced Home Builder classes become available in your traveling education program or similar subject matter, please, do keep me informed. 

Education is knowledge, and I’m a lifelong learner!

Debbie Staub Coldwell Banker

In all honesty, this was probably the very best Real Estate training I’ve ever attended.  I had just represented good friends on a start to finish new build, and I felt awful-because despite my very best efforts to be involved every step of the way and protect their interests, I simply didn’t understand the process or my role in helping them navigate it.  I asked countless real estate professionals for their advice but wasn’t getting the answers I needed.  I knew I had to up my game so I didn’t hesitate to sign up for the 2-day training. 

I expected some insight to the process, but I didn’t expect the comprehensive overview I would receive regarding every facet.  I walked away knowing something about each aspect- from understanding blueprints, to negotiating on behalf of clients, to interacting with Sales Representatives and more. But most importantly, I walked away with a key for unlocking an entirely new area of business, knowing how to move forward and build professional relationships with Builders that will benefit my business and my clients.

My brokerage is asking me to share what I learned, but there is so much that it would take me hours and hours!  I’m forwarding them all of the fantastic information and resources you provided us, and I’ll speak on it a bit, but I’m encouraging them all to sign up for the training because there’s no way I can convey even a fraction of what I learned.  I honestly want to take the course again, and I may!  I feel like I need to clear my calendar for a week (or more!) to sit with all of the information and process everything, and I’m dying to get out and start putting the pieces in place by networking with builders in my surrounding communities! Thanks to you and your fellow trainers for sharing all of your many years of collective insight- the lessons were both practical and inspiring.

Rachel Wester

I loved your classes!

Carey Sisson JP and Associates REALTORS

Thank you for the extremely informative and equipping New Home Sales training program.  I would have to say that your training was one of the best I have been to since I re-entered the real estate market a year ago.  All segments of the training I found to not only be informative but were presented in a way that I can start applying the knowledge immediately.  For me, all the topics presented on the first day along with the “How to Negotiate Successfully” on the second day were my favorite. 

Morgan Hamilton

“As more new homes are being built in the Denison/Sherman area, it was a timely and helpful course for me.  I now have a vision, plan, and info that will help me in this arena.”

Richard Hunter

“This was a very eye-opening course for a veteran REALTOR.  I enjoyed learning about Green Building and so many other things that we learned in this class.  I recommend it to veteran agents as well as newer agents.  Thanks again for the knowledge!”

Prissy Maher

“This class for sure is one of the best I have taken so far, the New Home Sales Agent class brought lots of knowledge on what to expect from various builders the 2 day classes was very informative and each instructor provide plenty of valuable information for me to understand the expectations when visiting a New built communities, in addition to the right questions to ask the builders agent when it comes to effective communication.”


Nicole Noi-Mingle

“Great classes and helpful information. The questions for sales counselors, supplied by Bob, allows us to approach new communities with a base to at least appear knowledgeable as we learn this niche.”

Sherry Lambert
April 4 2019

Great class lots of value! As a realtor I have to be on the look out for great programs like this one to enhance my tool chest.

Cooper Williams
March 2019

This is a great course, even if you have sold a lot of new homes. A lot of information that will help you to do a better job for your clients.

‎DiAnne King Matheny‎
March 2019

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