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Builder Membership

Agents sell approximately 85% of all homes. The Alliance provides builder members with a platform to communicate with agents who have demonstrated their interest in selling new homes and who are committed to learning how to best work with builders. Agents are taught the differences and benefits of selling new homes versus preowned homes. By joining the HomesUSA Alliance, builders demonstrate their agent friendliness.

The Alliance is currently available only in the Dallas/Fort Worth market.

Builder Benefits

  • Increased sales
  • Identify agents that sell new homes
  • Increased number of agents that know the new home selling process
  • Increased agent goodwill
  • Publicize promotions to agent membership
  • Agent job board for assistants and sales counselors
  • Access agent membership for focus groups
  • Right to use Alliance decals on signs, ads, and collateral materials to evidence Alliance participation
  • Builders are encouraged to nominate agents for membership

Builder Membership Requirements

  • Send data to via XML data feed, or alternative methods
  • Appoint liaison person to manage builder’s information on the Event Calendar, Community Board and Forum.
  • Annual builder fee (waived during free trial period)
  • Agree to pay agents a $500 bonus in addition to commission and other bonus that may be offered


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